User Reviews

Real user reviews from people who already save money on their medications, diabetes supplies & smoking cessation products using the free Mobile Rx Prescription Discount Card:

“This app really came through for me at Target. After learning my insurance price was close to $300 for one months supply, I was moderately appeased when the Target pharmacist said the Target “discount” program could get it down to around $250. But while I was waiting for my script be filled, I remembered I’d recently downloaded this app, so I figured I’d give it a try. The price the app gave me was under $150 and I laughed thinking “yeah, we’ll see”. Sure enough, I gave the pharmacist the program info and the price she came back with was to the penny on what the app quoted. I was shocked and VERY happy!! …it’s already saved me hundreds of dollars!”
“I have been getting phentermine 37.5 mg for weight loss the last three months for 22 dollars. That was the cheapest price in town. This app got me that prescription for 12 dollars. Try it like I did and see if it works. If it doesn’t you won’t be out anything.”
“My tretinoin cream was going to cost $101 but with this app it cost me $41.”
“I tried the card at the grocery store pharmacy who did not accept discount cards, but the regular pharmacy worked! I saved $317.00 off one prescription and $139 of the second one. Awesome product! I am so happy. I couldn’t afford the medication before. I only paid $41.00 for two prescriptions. Download. Must have app.”