Pet Med Discounts

pet-medsSaving money can be the farthest thing from your mind when your pet is sick.

Typically, veterinarians automatically dispense medication and have it waiting when you pick up your pet. But did you know that veterinary office margins on prescription medications start at 100% above cost and often go as high as 150%?!

You can do much better for your pet. Pet healthcare expenses typically aren’t covered by insurance, so pet owners often face excessive out-of-pocket costs when their furry friends are sick. You owe to to yourself (and your pet) to maximize the care you can provide by getting the best value wherever possible.

Fortunately, 50% of Pet Medications are available at your local pharmacy. The Mobile Rx Card provides 10-85% discount savings on brand and generic prescriptions, so you now have a far more cost-effective choice when it comes to your pet’s medications.

How to Save 10-85% on Pet Medications

The Mobile Rx Card provides discount savings on pet medications when there is a human equivalent. WHEN YOU SCHEDULE YOUR VET APPOINTMENT, let your veterinarian know that you expect a prescription to be written so that you may purchase your pet’s medication at a pharmacy.

Once you have the prescription, check discount drug prices and purchase your pet’s Rx medications at participating network pharmacies near you and enjoy discounts averaging 47%! Be sure to share the Mobile Rx Card with your veterinarian so that he/she can help other patients save money!

Note: Some states require veterinarians to provide prescriptions for all medications. Other states may require a vet to provide a prescription upon request only.

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For  more information on veterinarian fees, check out the American Animal Hospital Association’s Veterinary Fee Reference.