How It Works

Pharmacy network provides discount pricing

Here’s how it works: A network of 60,000+ participating pharmacies nationwide have agreed to provide uninsured and underinsured consumers with discounted prescription medication prices. These drug prices are similar to what they give large insurance companies and employers. The free Mobile Rx Prescription Discount Card gives you, the cardholder access to this pharmacy network.

When people use the Mobile Rx Card, the pharmacies benefit in several ways:

  • The card brings more people into their stores
  • The pharmacies fill more prescriptions per person due to the huge price discounts
  • People that use the card also buy other products in their stores

You use the card and enjoy BIG discounts

Show Mobile Rx Card at Pharmacy

This image is a prescription discount card.

Think of the Mobile Rx Prescription Discount Card as a coupon that never expires, stored conveniently on your phone. Just show the card at a participating pharmacy and enjoy 10-85% savings on brand/generic prescriptions, diabetes supplies and smoking cessation products.

Our card couldn’t be easier to get – every page on this website includes a usable card image, a link to our iPhone and Android app and cards to print. You could also simply write down “BIN#011867, Group# HTA103, ID# HTA103″. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Use the Mobile Rx Card card again and again, month after month, and save big bucks on your prescription drugs and medications.

  • NO sign-up and NO waiting period – Use the Mobile Rx Card today!
  • 100% FREE – You pay only the discounted price of your medication.
  • NO restrictions and NO limits – Use your card over and over again. The card never expires!
  • Share the card  – Your family, friends, coworkers and even strangers can take advantage of the savings!

3 easy steps to saving:

  1. Open any card image on this site, open our free iPhone or Android app, show a printed card, or “BIN#011867, Group# HTA103, ID# HTA103″ written on anything.
  2. Show your card at a participating pharmacy with valid prescription(s).
  3. Enjoy an immediate 10-85% discount.