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Mobile Rx Card, LLC, an affiliate of HealthTrans Access was founded in 2011. Our focus is to provide a more consumer-friendly prescription discount card option. We give uninsured and underinsured consumers access to prescription discounts at 60,000+ pharmacies nationwide using web and mobile technology.

How It Works

Our network of 60,000+ U.S. pharmacies provides highly competitive discount pricing on brand & generic prescription medications, diabetes supplies and smoking cessation aids. Consumers simply present the Mobile Rx Card at the pharmacy and save 10-85%. It’s that simple.
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With our prescription discount card easily accessible from any page on a mobile browser, this mobile-friendly website and our free mobile apps for iPhone and Android make it easy for you to tap your phone and take advantage of prescription discount pricing.
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Discount Card Facts

Drug price savings, a nationwide network of 60,000+ pharmacies and 24/7 Customer Care and Pharmacy help are just a few of the reasons to use the Mobile Rx Card to save big money on prescriptions, diabetic products and smoking cessation aids.
Discount Card Facts

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See how much money actual users of the Mobile Rx Card are saving, month after month, on all of their Rx drugs, diabetes supplies and smoking cessation products. Join the thousands who take advantage of 10-85% pharmacy network discounts!
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